Everett’s Little Known Stories – William Vincent

This was a really fun video to make in many ways, mostly because I got to know Mr. William A. Vincent, PER, of the Everett ELKS Lodge 479. Mr. Vincent was so full of stories about the City of Everett and the ELKS Lodge that it was hard to narrow it down but in the end this story won my heart. He is a treasure and if you ever happen to meet Mr. Vincent while you are Wandering Washington, be sure and take a few minutes to chat, you won’t regret it!

Jody Hawkins


While We Are Sleeping- The beat goes on…

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Photo by Jody Hawkins

I have always had a fascination with the work people do while most of the world sleeps. When I attended Everett Community College for my Associates Degree, I worked on The Clipper Newspaper and created four multimedia projects titled,” While We Are Sleeping.” Each of the four parts highlighted the maintenance crew working on the EvCC campus at night.

I won first place for that project in the 2011 Washington Community College Journalism Association Awards. It was fun to be recognized for the hard work I did, but getting to know the people and sharing their stories was the best part.

Fast forward three years and I am back in school…this time as a student at Washington State University (WSU) -the Everett campus. We were recently given an assignment to produce a 1-2 minute Soundslides video using our blog topic as a guide.

I was excited for the chance to highlight my neighbor’s company Facelift Painting and Restoration ! Owner, Adam Hayes, has employed my youngest son, Scott Azure, for several years and they do terrific work. Hayes and his crew primarily work days but they have a standing night job, every other month, for Central Market, located in Mill Creek Washington.

My original plan was to mimic what I did with the team at EvCC, but once I got to the editing stage things really played out differently. The traffic sounds layered with the music and the noise from the pressure washer felt kind of dark and gritty. It was late at night, cold, wet and not a fun job for Azure, which I tried to capture in the photos, and in the end words did not seem necessary.

The music in the video was recorded outside the market, it was playing on the sound system at the front of the store while I was trying to capture the sounds of the parking lot. I had never heard it before and it wasn’t until later that I was able to track down the actual song and hear it in its entirety, “Love and Rockets – Ball of Confusion.”

My only regret in using Soundslides is that it does not play well with WordPress blogs so I can’t embed the final video. Click the link to view the newest video in my, “While We Are Sleeping,” series – ” The Beat Goes On…Be sure and click full view for best results and captions if you want a bit more info.

Jody Hawkins